Threshold Environmental have the unique capacity to deliver high-quality ecological restoration on a large scale from start to finish. We aim for the best results through state-of-the-art practice and innovation, linking scientific theory and on-ground practice.

We have the in-house expertise in native vegetation and specialised equipment required to collect, clean, store and build native seed mixes for each type of project. Our operations are fully licensed. We work hard to ensure the hard-to-find and hard-to-collect species are included for optimum diversity. After collecting, all seed is processed, cleaned and stored until the project site is ready for direct-seeding.

We prepare every site carefully in the lead-up to project implementation. Each restoration project presents unique challenges which have to be approached in an adaptive manner. Common site preparation tools include weed and pest management, earthworks, additional soil sampling, and growing of supplemental seedlings for specific species in a nursery.

We use a custom-designed 7 meter wide precision-placement agricultural seeder (“Biodiversity Seeder”) for sowing native seed mixes at appropriate spacings and densities on each site. The more narrow row spacing we introduced (1.4m) allows for more natural growth, even when operating on a large scale.

All restoration sites are carefully monitored for establishment and growth after seeding. Supplemental seedlings are grown in a nursery and hand-planted to ensure the inclusion of those species which are lacking sufficient seed stores prior to the seeding activities, or which are too difficult to grow through direct-seeding.