Boxwood Hills Biodiverse Carbon Sink

Boxwood Hills @ 36 months
This Boxwood Hills property was purchased by Carbon Neutral to convert the unproductive farm land back to biodiverse native vegetation. Threshold Environmental restored four different native vegetation systems across 91.4 ha of the farm in 2011.

Boxwood Hills is located right next to two large areas of high conservation value bushland: Corackerup Nature Reserve to the west, and a very large swath of wild Crown Land buffering Corackerup Creek to the east.

The ongoing restoration of the property increases ecological connectivity between remnant bushland areas, and contributes to the Gondwana Link corridor initiative. The property also links to another revegetated site called ‘Nowanup’, which is currently managed by the local Noongar community for social and educational projects in the spirit of connecting to country.

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