Monjebup North

The Monjebup North project restored cleared agricultural land back to a biodiverse mosaic of native plant communities.

Monjebup North is located immediately adjacent to the Corackerup Nature Reserve. The restoration of the formerly cleared land reconnects the Reserve to a large contiguous swath of protected remnant native vegetation found to the south.

We used both traditional and innovative restoration techniques to establish more than 130 different species on the site, and encourage the return and survival of different fauna species.

The restoration project plan for the cleared areas at Monjebup North was designed by Threshold Environmental prior to implementation. This plan builds on spatial, soil, fauna and flora information of the property and surrounding vegetation systems. It also incorporates specific measures to facilitate the survival and successful reproduction of different local fauna species, such as tammar wallabies, malleefowls, and pygmy possums among many other species.

Feel free to contact us if you wish to receive more detailed information about the Restoration Plan for Monjebup North.


The Monjebup North project included the development and implementation of a long-term monitoring methodology aiming at further informing and advancing the science behind Restoration Ecology.

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