It is estimated that roughly half of the world’s native forests have been cleared. Our mission is to replant and restore as much native habitat as possible.

Forests and ecosystems are complex and dynamic in nature. They are more than the sum of the individual organisms that inhabit them. A healthy ecosystem is self-organizing and has the in-built capacity to withstand disturbances. These ecological principles underpin how we go about our work.

Our restoration projects deliver more than just a simple handful of trees and shrubs. We focus on putting the right species in the right places, and in the right combinations. A certain barrier or threshold needs to be overcome for resilient ecosystems to take off. That challenge is at the heart of what we do and is reflected in our company name, Threshold Environmental. Our approach is to use the scientific method to inform detailed planning, and apply an adaptive and technologically supported approach to project implementation.

To date, we have restored over 2,004 hectares of cleared land across the Gondwana Link landscape initiative.


SERAlogo Threshold Environmental Managing Director Justin Jonson is a Board member of the Society of Ecological Restoration Australasia (SERA), a neutral, independent, non-profit organization that aims to improve knowledge on, and lift the standards for, Ecological Restoration in this part of the world.