Yarraweyah Falls Biodiverse Carbon Sink

young Eucalypt at Yarraweyah Falls

Carbon Neutral
engaged with Yarrahweyah Fall’s conservation-minded land owners to replant 100 ha of the farm to create a “Biodiverse Carbon Sink” while also contributing to the Gondwana Link vision.

Threshold Environmental designed, planned and implemented the ecological restoration program at Yarraweyah Falls in 2013. The site captures carbon through the establishment and growth of native trees (mainly Eucalyptus and Allocasuarina species) across four broad ecosystems: Upland Yate, Mixed Rich Mallee, Granitic Mallee, and Duplex Mixed Mallee.

Over 150 local plant species were seeded and planted to support and enhance the conservation of biodiversity at the site.

The full Yarraweyah Falls Monitoring Report (PDF) can be downloaded by clicking the link provided.

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